Pura Vida CBD Infused RAW Honey

“We are committed to creating natural infusions of raw foods with astounding bene ficial properties.” 

Honey offers countless benefits internally and externally, rich with natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals which sustain life. RAW honey has been used for medicinal purposes for 1000's of years. Our liquid gold. The original healing infusion. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Combing the healing powers of RAW organic honey and cannabinoid rich full spectrum hemp extracts. Hemp extracts engage with our endocannibinoid system in our bodies to balance and help relieve many ailments like pain, inflammation, anxiety and as an anti-bacterial. Honey is a natural super-food. Raw honey contains traces of propolis, pollen and lipids. 

 infused RAW honey can be used for cooking, baking, ideal for adding to teas or just eating a spoonful twice daily. 

Depending on the season and also what types of honey are naturally available, as all of our honeys are locally sourced and organic certi fied (meaning no pesticides, no heavy metals and other harmful chemicals and additives) and are not available in a never ending supply we use what nature supplies us with. 

Meadow Honey – from various flower types which are growing wild in the untouched meadows of Croatia. Golden honey. 

Walnut Blossom Honey – When the walnut trees are in bloom the bees thrive on the pollen, a very unique flavour and honey. Golden honey. 

Acacia Honey – From the Acacia Tree and is one of the most popular honey varieties available. Naturally light coloured, almost see through. 

Citrus Blossom Honey – produced by bees feeding on citrus blossoms, giving the honey a sweet, delicate and smooth floral flavour. 

Linden Honey – Obtained from the blossoms of the Linden tree (known as the bee tree) – when it is in bloom bees are drawn from many miles away to collect the generous nectar produced by the drooping flowers. Golden brown honey. 

To find out which honey's are available please contact us. 

Try replacing sugar with honey – weight loss and lowering blood sugar level. 

RAW honey contains bee pollen which is known to fight infections, provide natural allergy relief and boost your immune system – immunotherapy. Honey is a natural energy source – made up of 80% sugars, 18% water along with vitamins, minerals, proteins and pollens – honey can provide an easily absorbed supply of energy.
Powerful antioxidants.

CBD does not posses any psychoactive properties and therefore will not give you that “buzz”

Our honey is RAW, it has not been through any heat processes or filtering to remove beneficial phytonutrients, pollen and enzyme-rich propolis. Scienti fically proven to help with allergies, diabetes, sleep problems, coughs and wound healing.