Coconut and Mango

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Ingredients: 20mg / 50mg / 300mg - All organic - Full spectrum CBD paste
FOOD GRADE and ORGANIC: coconut oil, mango butter, beeswax, calendula oil, almond oil, jojoba oil.

“We have combined the therapeutic benefits of our natural ingredients with CBD paste to further enhance the benefits for your skin, making this a multi-purpose balm for external use on all skin types.”

This balm is scent free – except for the very mild scent of coconut. Thus making this balm perfect for EVERY kind of skin and/or skin disorder, TATTOO AFTERCARE and even on children's skins for nappy rash and healing cuts and scrapes.

Mango Butter

Is extracted from the big seed inside the mango fruit. It is a great emollient – skin softener and has been reported to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. Mango Butter is rich in Vitamin-E. Anti-oxidant properties rejuvenate skin cells and neutralize toxins leaving the skin looking healthy and young.

Topical benefits: Moisturizing, soothing softening, protecting against UV radiation SPF15, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, benefits frost bite, sunburn, insect bites, rashes and stretch marks, clears blemishes, heals muscle fatigue, aches, tension, eczema and dermatitis

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is famous throughout the world – not only as an edible oil but also for your skin and hair. Coconut oil which is extracted from the meat of coconut, from the coconut palm contains saturated fats which are responsible for keeping your skin smooth and retaining moisture. Capric/Caprylic/Lauric acid also found in coconut oil are medium-chain fatty acids – they possess strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. Vitamin-E is essential for healthy skin, reparation and protection, as well as preventing premature aging.

Topical benefits: Anti-aging, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial skin softener, protection against microbial infections, retains moisture, improving skin disorders – acne, psoriasis, eczema.


What exactly is beeswax and how do the bees make and use it? Bees produce a natural wax which is secreted from glands on the sides of their bodies. This wax is scraped off, chewed up and then secreted into the inside of the honeycomb. When it hardens it provides a protective lining for the cells where the baby bees grow up and where the honey is stored. It serves as protection but also keeps the beehive free of infections and other contaminants.
Beeswax is widely used in the cosmetics industry as a thickening agent.

Topical benefits: Anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, Beeswax forms a protective layer on your skin, locking in moisture, reducing dryness but still allowing the skin to breathe. Vitamin-A helps rejuvenate your skin, soothes itching. Beeswax is a humectant which attracts moisture to the skin and seals it in. Beneficial for eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders, treat and soothe wounds, cuts and abrasions.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a mild hypoallergenic oil which makes it perfect for use on sensitive skins. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E (an anti-oxidant), monounsaturated fats, proteins, potassium and zinc. Rich in Zinc, and B-complex vitamins.

Topical benefits: Hydrating and smoothing the skin, anti-inflammatory – having a calming effect reducing acne and blackheads, moisturizing, treating rashes, reducing fine lines and the signs of aging, almond oil is rich in amino-acids which is required for collagen production, prevents moisture loss through the skins surface. Can be used to sooth muscle fatigue by drawing out toxins, removes impurities and dead skin cells, reduces dark circles, restoring normal pH to the skin.

Jojoba oil

A liquid plant wax which is very close to the skins own natural sebum, which makes it very well absorbed by the skin. It penetrates the skin rapidly leaving the skin soft and non-sticky. Jojoba oil is a very protective oil which makes it ideal for people working outdoors and skin which is exposed to pollution.

Topical benefits: Skin moisturizer, controls oily skin, anti-inflammatory effect which can counter seborrheic dermatitis too, acne control, skin cleanser, as an anti-bacterial to stop bacterial growth on the skin, dry lips rescue, dry cuticles, eczema and psoriasis, reduces the burning and redness of sunburn.

Calendula Oil

Also known as Marigold oil is a very healing and therapeutic oil. It has cooling, moisturizing and revitalizing properties which optimize healthy skin regeneration and soothe irritation and soreness. Great for after sun products and in baby care. Great results when treating spider veins and varicosities. A natural anti-inflammatory and has been used for treating a range of different skin conditions.

Topical benefits: Eczema, acute dermatitis, anti-septic, calms muscle spasms, ulcers, wounds, hemorrhoids, improving skin firmness, anti-inflammatory for rashes and allergic reactions.

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract (18% CBD Paste)

Topical cannabis treatments have been around since the beginning of civilization and is only now beginning to regain popularity. CBD is one of the 70+ cannabinoids found in Hemp plants. At Pura Vida CBD we use a full spectrum extract so guarantee the best results naturally, as each of the compounds have a very important role to play. When applied topically, cannabinoids can provide immediate localized benefits.

Topical benefits: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antispasmodic.

Topical uses: Localized pain relief, muscle soreness, tension, inflammation, all skin disorders – (acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, itching), migraines, allergic reactions and rashes,

“The intention was to create a natural healing balm that can be used for an extensive list of ailments and complaints effecting the skin, joints, muscles and more. These balms are applied topically to provide localized relief of pain, soreness and inflammation. They work by binding to a network of CB1 & CB2 receptors which are found throughout the body, including hair follicles, sweat glands and epithelial cells, epidermal keratinocytes and sebaceous glands, that are activated by the body's naturally occurring endocannabinoids. Different ingredients offer different benefits depending on their natural medicinal properties.”
Pura Vida CBD has combined the natural strength of nature to bring you maximized benefits in one balm.

Note: Your skin renews itself every 28-40 days (age depending) so for you to be able to notice the effects of using Pura Vida CBD Balm you need to persist for at least 28 days to see signi ficant results.

*FREE from additives, preservative, colourants, fragrances, colors and dyes and other harmful irritating ingredients.
*Always do a patch test before continuing use.
*This is a natural product, colour and textures may vary
*Always consult with your medical practitioner before changing/substituting any medications
*This is for information purposes ONLY!

Directions for use: Apply evenly to speci fic area as needed. Store at 18°C. The beeswax in the balm gives it a hard consistency when the temperatures are low. For easy application scoop the balm from the container and apply to skin, it will melt as soon as it makes contact with your warm skin.