Balm reviews

I recently contacted pura Vida to enquire about testing there products, they where very generous to send me samples of their CBD Balm. I do like it 😍👌
The smell of hemp and coconut oil was very nice. The texture was oily and needed to be rubbed in vigorously. But it eased the pain In My elbow and my skin is very soft now and feeling lovely 👊👏👌
I hope to receive some more CBD products from you all in the future to give away to sick people in my community - 

Terressa Nelson, UK

Hello Jennifer and Antoine,
We met last week in the Indoorgardens Cergy-Pontoise, I really like all your range of product and I have tested some of them.
- The tast is fantastic, a very nice tast of weed :)
- The Texture is very good and very soft,
- In the throat after i don t very like the felt.
- I drop 20 a day, and for me is not very strong.

i am very interested about the product with cannabis product for cure Cancer, depression, schlérosis, and epyleptic crisis.

Your Honey is so Good if you make 1 liter bottle i take it, i love the effects.


De balsem heb ik in gebruik..het lijkt wel te werken voor de eczeem..minder jeuk en rood..alleen vind ik het nadeel dat de balsem niet wat vloeibaarder is..of komt het door de kou..ik moet het nu boven de cv opwarmen waarschijnlijk heb je in de zomer hier geen last van..
Dank je voor het uitproberen.
Fijne dag en groet,


The balm I seems to work for the eczeem..less itching and red..only I think the disadvantage that the balm is hard..from the cold..i let it melt above the central heating probably have no trouble here in the summer ..
Thank you for trying.
Have a nice day and regards,

Hi Anita,
Glad to hear gives some relief from the itching. The balsam is hard because of the beeswax which is very important in creating a barrier on the skin so that it can heal - it is a protective layer which increase the healing time and keep the skin hydrated. In summer, it’s no problem. It will melt as soon as it comes into contact with your skin.
Thank you for your honest feedback.

Heb de sample ontvangen,ik heb het gebruikt omdat ik aan beide kanten van me mond elke keer een schimmelinfectie heb,nu is de rechterkant genezen met behulp van de cbd balsem,de linker nog niet helemaal.ook wil ik het proberen als ik me haar weer heb geverfd dan zit ik namelijk onder de uitslag en heb ik vreselijk jeuk in me nek en op me ogen,zodra het weer terug komt maak ik er een foto van e dan wil ik de cbd balsem ook daar op proberen,maar tot dus ver voor me zijkanten van me mond helpt het.

I received the sample, I used it because I have a yeast infection on both sides of my mouth every time, now is the right cure using the cbd balm, the left has not healed completely yet. Also I want to try it as I have terrible itching in my neck and on my eyes, when it comes back I make a picture of I want the cbd balm also try there, but so far for me helps me sides of the mouth.

Hi Jennifer,

Yes, I did receive them. Thank you! I prefer the green one (the one without name on it) because it is more soft and easier to apply.
The coconut mango smells like cannabis. I don’t get the smell of coconut or mango. But for me that is totally ok. The wounds I’ve had on my hands are healing good now. Before I used the creme the wounds stay open all the time. In two days I noticed already the change.
so far my feedback. I’m still using them, also my boyfriend.

Dear Jennifer

It Helps but not really the pain is completely gone.
Perhaps in the longer time it is better.

Good evening Jennifer, 

I have translated my text over the internet, I hope it’s okay to understand. Thanks again for samples! here my standings; I have it every night smeared on my calf. I have the ointment something heat because found it pretty difficult to lubricate. I myself have had not the idea that something helped but when I see the picture so it is less dry already!! Is tricky to properly use the same lighting.
Best regards

Hello Jennifer,

I hope this new year brings you a lot of success, harmony and happiness.
I have used one of your balms (the one with coffee essential oil) on a daily basis since past Cannafest Prague and now I can tell I feel it’s effective, (acne
 and pimples and wrinkle reduction) congratulations! It’s a good product and all natural!

Hi Jennifer,

I used the balm because of contact-allergie on mij skin (finger). It got infected, but healed better and earlier than using notting on it. In going to ure it the next time again!

Thanks for sending the samples!

Kind regards,